whole body research hair repair for womenMy friend Angie has always had beautiful, long, silky hair and I’ve always been SUPER jealous of her for it. About a month ago I finally asked her what she did to get it so long and thick and she told me that she’d been taking some supplements with something called Biotin and Saw Palmetto in it that were supposed to be really good for growing your hair fast.

So I did some searching and found this product by Whole Body Research called Hair Repair for Women that is exactly what I think she was talking about. I’ve used Whole Body Research Keybiotics before and it did wonders for me, so I was glad they had something for hair too. The Hair Repair for Women has lots of vitamins and has BOTH Biotin and Saw Palmetto, which is what my friend Angie has been taking. I started taking it about three weeks ago and now, I am definitely convinced that my hair was in DESPERATE need of some of these vitamins. It is so much smoother and silkier that it was before and even my eye lashes are thicker and longer. A month ago I had dry, brittle hair and I always got nervous whenever I brushed it because so much of it was ending up on the brush and the floor. But now it’s stronger, longer, and just feels like it has better moisturization than it did before. I’ve had to use a special conditioner for dry hair for years and it never worked completely. Now it seems like my hair absorbs the conditioner better and it doesn’t get frizzy in the afternoons like it did before.

My nails are stronger and more flexible too. Before they were dry and would crack easily, but now they are shiny and softer so they are much less likely to break.

I’ve never had a problem with thinning hair really, I just wanted something that would make mine less brittle and prone to breakage. I’ve been bleaching my hair since I was a teenager, so it’s definitely over-processed and this Whole Body Research Hair Repair formula has really been a lifesaver. If you have been looking for something to help your hair grow faster, or just healthier, this stuff does the trick! I might have to stop taking it at some point because it’s making my hair grow so fast I can’t afford to go to the salon that often!

You can find out more about the Hair Repair supplement on the official website.